Research assistant/Ingénieur d’étude

We are looking for a Research Assistant (Ingenieur d’etudes) to join us for 1-2 years in our lab at the ICM in Paris! Our lab is interested in understanding how neurons  sustain neuronal communication, a process that is essential for normal brain function. This work has the potential to further our understanding of the molecular link between dysfunctional neuronal biology and neurological diseases, such as autism or schizophrenia.

This role is a supportive role, meaning that we look for someone that will be helping others move forward their research. As such, our research assistant/ingenieur d’etudes will be involved in some administrative tasks, but mainly will work in supporting research activities and helping in scientific research per se (i.e. performing experiments and analysis to speed up some projects of the lab). Our research assistant/Ingenieur d’etudes would not be pursuing a scientific project all by her/himself, but will have mentors in the lab guiding the experimentation who will supervise her/his support and research work. The project will focus on understanding how neurons remodel their molecular connections with other neurons when there is neuronal activity. This project will rely on imaging combined with electrophysiolgy to be performed in the custom optophysiology rigs present in the lab.

If you want to join us, you will be helping us with different tasks:

Administrative and support tasks: This will be done in coordination with our senior ingenieur d’etudes, who will coordinate and share these efforts with you. These may include for example booking rooms for lab meetings, manage our few animals at the animal facility, managing lab shipments and taking care of the overall organization of the lab, managing lab communications with cell culture and animal facilities, etc… but also preparing solutions and reagents required for neuronal cultures, preparing DNA samples (maxi prep, midi prep), prepare cell line and primary neuron cultures, manage with others in lab that we what we need for experiments, etc…

Research tasks: You will be involved directly in an exciting project aiming to understand the molecular logic enabling neuronal connectivity in the brain, and how this can be remodeled during neuronal activity. As research tasks, your work will be to perform single neuron imaging experiments in combination with electrophysiological stimulation to understand and quantify synapse function. This may sound complicated (and it is) but we will teach you everything. Other research tasks will involve molecular cloning and generation of new constructs and western blotting.

Job Requirements:

Previous education in a scientific discipline is required (i.e. university degree) and a Master’s in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or related fields is a plus. We will need you to communicate fluently in English (lab work is in English, but some ICM meetings and conversations maybe be occasionally in French). Speaking French is of course a plus.

While previous experience is a plus (experience handling rodents, preparing primary neuronal cultures and molecular biology, microscopy), we can teach you everything you will need to know. Organizational skills are key for this position, as there will be many small things to be handled and supervise every week. Lastly, very important: you must be comfortable working and handling rodents every week.

And globally, what we mostly need from you is to be an enthusiastic team player who wants to help all of us in the scientific research of the lab. We need you to be someone who wants to work with diverse people and learn from them, someone open to help with diverse aspects of research in molecular neuroscience, from administrative and support tasks to molecular cloning and experiments. All these tasks are equally important and your role will be essential in helping the research of the lab move forward.

We welcome applications starting March 14th, 2024 and the position is open to start at any point. To apply, please send an email to, stating in 3-4 sentences your interest in the position and what aspects of it sound more relevant to you, contact information for three references and complete CV. We welcome applications from all over the world. Salary will be in accordance with your education (do you have a Master?) and years of experience in lab work, following a guide established by the Human Resources department at ICM.