Position for Laboratory Technician / Lab Manager

We are looking for a Laboratory Technician / Lab Manager (Assistant Ingénieur) to join our lab at the Paris Brain Institute. Our lab is interested in understanding how neurons control their energy availability (e.g. ATP) to sustain neuronal communication, a process that is essential for normal brain function. This work has the potential to further our understanding of the molecular link between dysfunctional metabolism and neurological diseases such as mitochondriopathies, epilepsy, vascular dementias or glucose metabolism diseases.


The Lab Manager/Technician is responsible for the general organization and upkeep of the lab, including tasks that assist other lab members to perform their experiments. The role is a mix of administrative and technical responsibilities.

Administrative responsibilities include, but not limited to: booking rooms for lab meetings and other presentations, attending health and safety meetings, contacting companies for orders, quotes, and fixing broken equipment, tracking orders, maintaining lab inventory, participating in lab meetings, updating protocols and management of the lab wiki.

Technical responsibilities include, but are not limited to: DNA preps, primary neuronal culture, laboratory solutions, waste management, monitoring of the lab’s rat colony, database management, and making/aliquoting commonly used solutions. Having an interest in developing your own research project is a definitively a plus.


Get in touch at jaime.dejuansanz@icm-institute.org, attach your CV and give us a short explanation on your interest in joining the lab. 


Job Requirements:


A bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline is required, as well as speaking fluently English and French. Previous lab experience in a molecular biology lab is preferred, as well as experience preparing primary neuronal cultures, lab management and working in BSL1/BSL2 laboratories. Great organization, time-management, and record-keeping skills are a key part of the job. Experience handling rodents, preparing primary neuronal cultures and molecular biology is a plus. Must be comfortable working with rodents and human samples. We will teach you the rest!